Saturday, May 11, 2019

Eco Tours Barcelona in electric car

Eco Tours Barcelona: Here at TOURISIMO Barcelona we’re experiencing a huge increase in the number of enquiries for eco tours. It seems that many more people are looking for an ecological tour experience which a Barcelona city bus tour or hop-on-hop-off tour does not provide. TOURISIMO meets this gap in the market by providing eco-friendly, guided tours using 100% electric cars, which take two people and which clients drive themselves. A guide in another vehicle leads the group up and out of the city to the Natural Park of Collserola where you can experience nature, open spaces and the best sightseeing and photography opportunities which the city has to offer.


TOURISIMO always welcomes young people. We’ve had many children who have toured in the back seat with their parents driving our Renault Twizy electric cars. The kids love the experience and it’s so much better than standing in endless queues and suffering the crowds and heat of the city centre. For parents with children looking for things to do in Barcelona TOURSIMO is always a fantastic option. There are many things to see in Barcelona but the best views are from the Collserola hills, which rise up just outside the city.
Because we always have a guide to lead our tours, we have very generous age restrictions on who can drive our elecrtric cars. Anyone 18 years or over, with a full driver’s licence which is valid in Europe is welcome to drive our cars. This week two fine young men from the UK had been turned down by other companies because they were only 18 years old. At TOURISIMO that was not a problem. They had a great time diving the cars over the winding, country roads of the Collerola Natural Park and were amazed with the incredible views form the “miradores” or scenic lookouts which overlook Barcelona. They suggested that TOURISIMO changes its name to “Cool Tours Barcelona”.

Barcelona receives visitors from almost every country in the world, and you can hear many different languages in the streets of the city. While Barcelona sees many Spanish speaking domestic visitors the overwhelmingly most common request is for Barcelona guided tours in English. At TOURISIMO  we speak Spanish, Catalan, English and a little French, with other languages communicated by sign language and a frightening quantity of hand movements and facial expressions. Suffice to say that we have never lost a guided tour because of language problems. While the majority of travellers use English when not in their own country, it is, of course not universal. As with our visitors from Ukraine last week, we can always get by with good humour, cooperation and a few laughs along the way.

At TOURISIMO Barcelona we have a schedule of tours each day for very small groups, but we always try to cater for individuals too. If anyone wants a private guided tour of the city with exclusive use of a guide, we are very happy to oblige. The route can be varied to accommodate the wishes of the client and we always try to offer a tailor-made experience. Many of our clients, when considering what to do in Barcelona and what tour to take advantage of, appreciate the option to drive themselves, it is often said that they find it so much more individual than a bus tour of Barcelona or one of the many other tour formats for large groups.

The Catalan capital is truly a city of a thousand and one attractions. From the Barcelona beaches to Las Ramblas, to the old parts of the city with the Roman walls, the various excavation sites with their re-discovered mosaics and architecture to the chic shopping area of Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona has a lot to offer. Who hasn’t heard of Antoni Gaudi and his obsessively detailed, architectural master-pieces which adorn the city. La Casa Mila, La casa Batlló, the beautiful Park Güell and of course, the iconic, La Sagrada Familia, these jewels should never be missed on a visit to Barcelona. El Born, El Raval and the Gothic quarter in the city centre are full of fascinating places to visit but it does get very crowded and hot in summer. If ever you’re looking for an escape, the hills of the Collserola Natural Park provide cool open spaces with a fresh breeze where you can look down on the city and many of its famous sites. To rise above El Camp Nou and be able to see over MontJuïc to the blue Mediterranean Sea is a different experience for many. So, as a different and exciting alternative to tredding the well-worn tourist track, try a self-drive, guided tour with TOURISIMO Barcelona. You will have a unique and fantastic experience, and have some great memories and photos to take home.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Barcelona; las mejores actividades en Mayo

¿Buscas cosas interesantes para hacer en Barcelona en el mes de Mayo?
La ciudad está llena de actividades y experiencias, muchas de las cuales son famosas en el mundo y atraen a visitantes de todos los rincones, pero en Barcelona siempre suceden cosas nuevas y emocionantes.

Barcelona; las mejores actividades en Mayo

Algunas de las actividades más destacadas en Barcelona para el mes de Mayo son:

Este fin de semana tenemos el Festival de la Cerveza Biergarten.

Del 10 al 12 de mayo, en el Poble Espanyol en Sants – Montjuïc, será trasladado a Baviera con muchas cervezas de estilo alemán, comida alemana y actividades para jóvenes y mayores por igual.

Visita a la cervecera Moritz

Una de las principales cervecerías de Cataluña, Fabrica Moritz, en la Ronda Sant Antoni 39 en el Eixample, abre sus puertas a los visitantes con visitas guiadas y degustaciones de cerveza del 8 al 31 de mayo.
Entrada para mayores de 18 años y 20 €, pero con muestras de cerveza y una caja de regalo de recuerdo incluida.

La World Press Photo Exhibition está en el CCCB

(Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona) en El Raval hasta el 26 de mayo de 2019. Esta colección de las mejores fotos de prensa del año anterior es verdaderamente digna de ver. Esclarecedor, emocional y, a veces, impactante, cada imagen solicita una reacción.
Entonces, si te estás preguntando qué hacer en Barcelona, ​​hay muchas cosas para elegir.
Si prefieres las visitas tradicionales como ir a La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, la Casa Batlló, merecen mucho la pena, pero hay que hacer bastantes colas.
Otra buena actividad es pasear por los antiguos barrios de El Raval, El Born, Barri Gotic, el barrio gótico y, por supuesto, Las Ramblas con el mercado de La Boquería.
Para abarcar más lugares de interés en menos tiempo, hay muchas visitas guiadas a Barcelona, ​​recorridos en autobús, recorridos con paradas libres, recorridos a pie, recorridos en bicicleta, recorridos de tapas, etc., todo lo cual lo llevará alrededor de las principales atracciones del centro.

Pero si buscas algo realmente diferente, prueba un tour en TOURISIMO Barcelona.

TOURISIMO te llevará desde su base a solo 50 metros del Parque Güell a la parte alta de la ciudad para contemplar las increíbles vistas y el aire fresco del Parque Natural de Collserola, que domina la ciudad Condal.
En lugar de limitarte a un autobús o una bicicleta, conducirás un auto 100% eléctrico, un divertido biplaza en caminos rurales tranquilos que serpentean por las colinas y se detienen en varios miradores de Barcelona o miradores escénicos para obtener las mejores vistas y oportunidades para tomar fotos .
Tendrás la seguridad de seguir a un guía en otro vehículo, por lo que no hay posibilidad de perderse y podrás llegar a lugares a los que no llegan otras excursiones.
Para los mejores tours fuera del centro, ven a visitarnos en TOURISIMO Barcelona, ​​esperamos darte la bienvenida.
TOURISIMO es una pequeña empresa familiar que opera desde una base a solo 50 metros del Parque Güell.

Ofrece visitas guiadas en microcoches de dos plazas 100% eléctricos a través del Parque Natural de Collserola.

Durante estos recorridos ecológicos, conduce un divertido Renault Renault Twizy divertido y emocionante, y sigue a un guía profesional desde la ciudad para detenerse en varios miradores de Barcelona y obtener increíbles vistas y oportunidades para tomar fotografías.
Los fines de semana, en un tour TOURSIMO, tiene la oportunidad de visitar la emblemática Torre de Collserola, que se encuentra en la cima de la colina más alta de la ciudad. A menudo considerado como uno de los mejores tours en Barcelona, ​​un tour Premium con TOURISIMO, con una visita a la torre es un verdadero punto culminante de cualquier día de fiesta en la ciudad.
Entonces, si estás pensando, qué hacer en Barcelona o qué ver en Barcelona, ​​no busques más que TOURISIMO, la visita guiada por una diferencia, donde conduces tú mismo y llegas a las partes de esta hermosa ciudad que otras excursiones hacen.
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Friday, May 3, 2019

Gallery - Tourisimo self-drive, guided tours to the hills above Barcelona

Empty roads, incredible views

Tour though the beautiful Parc Natural de Collserola overlooking Barcelona city.
Take advantage of clear country roads which wind through the hills.

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Discover Barcelona in November and December

Now, at the end of November we’re into the low tourist season here in Barcelona, although Barcelona effectively has a twelve-month tourist season with only highs and lows to denote the changing seasons. We’re still doing tours and clients re still saying the experience is excellent. More and more people are showing interest in driving electric cars and combining a sightseeing tour with the chance for a guided tour of the hills and high ground at the back of Barcelona City is an opportunity that many are taking advantage of.

On the days when we can’t visit the tower there are still fantastic views to be had. We normally stop at two look-outs with spectacular vistas over the City of Barcelona to the blue Mediterranean and horizon beyond. Driving our 100% electric cars, the Renault Twizy 80, through the nature and hills of Collserola is a unforgettable experience and a high-light of any visit to Barcelona.
So come on and indulge yourself in a new experience which adds to the many things to do in Barcelona and provides a sightseeing experience and photo opportunities like no other.

Discover Barcelona in November and December
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Best driving roads in Barcelona

To decide on the best driving roads in Barcelona you first must understand that Barcelona is a region as well as a city. The region of Barcelona, together with Girona, Lleida and Tarragona make up the four regions of Catalunya in the North East of Spain. Barcelona, of course is the capital of Catalunya and together with its adjoining, sister cities has a greater urban population of 4.6 million. With this in mind we’ll concentrate on some of the great driving roads in or near to Barcelona city itself.

If you prefer to stay a little closer to town, the hills at the back of the city offer a real and very welcome surprise. From the Barcelona suburb of Gràcia, within five minutes you can find yourself on La Rabassada. This is a sinuous mountain-type road that winds up through the Park Natural de Collserola to the peaks of Tibidabo, and Collserola before passing through the historic village of  Vallvidrera. There are various “miradores” or look-out points along the route where you may stop and see Barcelona from above. Whether you’re renting a car for your road trip, using your own vehicle or participating in a guided tour you will find the roads around the city to be some of the best driving roads in all of the Barcelona region.

Should you not have a vehicle and if renting a car for your road-trip seems a bit over the top, you can join a guided, ecological tour like those provided by the company Tourisimo. A Tourisimo tour will see you enjoying a driving tour in Barcelona but in a 100% electric micro-car, the Renault Twizy. You will be guided up and out of the city, away from the heat, noise and chaos or the city streets to the peace of the hills of Collserola where you can see all of Barcelona from above.
On weekends all year, and weekdays in August, Tourisimo can even take you to the Torre de Collserola which is a telecommunications tower sitting high above the city. At 560 meters above sea level the views of Barcelona and its surroundings from the tower’s observation deck are truly incredible.

Best driving roads in Barcelona
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Things to do in Barcelona close to Park Güell

When choosing to take some time out in Barcelona a visitor has a plethora of options when it comes to interests and activities. The list of things to do in Barcelona is truly immense and spans the interests of every generational and cultural requirement. Because the weather in Barcelona is considered mild Mediterranean, for a large percentage of the year both outside and inside activities are accessible to all.

Time out in Barcelona

Speaking as a Norther European I find that the weather in Barcelona means that any time of year you can enjoy the outdoor style of living, just sitting in the terrace of a bar or café watching the world go by and contemplating the many things to do in Barcelona is a great pleasure when you’re not freezing to the bone with white-caps in your beer like back home. Time out in Barcelona can really be enjoyed by all walks of life. For example, if you’re a die-hard football fan, FC Barcelona, need I say more, if you have a passion for history there’s over 55 museums to choose from, and for the art lover there’s a similar number of art galleries, plenty for the budding critic to seize upon. If you prefer beaches, with or without bars, you will find them from Barceloneta to Badalona and from Llobregat to Gava. If, for you, time out in Barcelona means nightclubs, cocktail bars, shows and dancing till dawn you’ll be hard pressed to experience all the available blue-chip venues in a week. There’s even the IceBar, where, in August, you can leave the high thirties of temperature behind and savour a quality vodka as it should be experienced, in glass made of ice, in a room at minus five degrees. And, if gastronomy is your thing, well! Your list of things to do in Barcelona must include at least one of the twenty-three Michelin starred restaurants available in the city, not to mention the countless other eateries where you may have to rely on more the good food and excellent selection of wines to make you see stars.

Things to do in Barcelona close to Park Güell
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Renting electric cars in Barcelona

For many visitors to Barcelona getting around the city is not the biggest problem they will encounter. Barcelona has a first-class metro system, some lines of which are completely automated, an ever-expanding tram network, an efficient, if so intuitive to use bus service and a mountain of the iconic black and yellow taxi-cabs. However, Barcelona is a comarca, or region, as well as a city and if, as every visitor should, you wish to see what lies beyond the surrounding hills of Collserola or along the coastline from the city you will need to rent a car or other suitable means of transport.

In the city’s tourist areas of Port Vell, Raval, Barri Gotic and El Born you will see many “rent electric Barcelona” signs and you can find your choice of personal vehicle. From an electric scooter or skate-board to electric bike rental all the way up to a fully electric Renault Twizy you can hire them individually or even experience in a guided tour where you will be taken to some of the best sights which Barcelona has to offer. You can even escape the city centre and take part in the Hollywood Hills experience of Barcelona as offered by the company Tourisimo from their base in the barrio of Gracia, close to Park Guell. With Tourisimo you’ll drive a Twizy following a local guide up the hills at the back of the city and stop for views, photos and selfies with the whole city of Barcelona as your back-drop. If you prefer to stay within the city centre electric power-assisted push-bikes are becoming a real phenomenon and in an increasingly electric powered and ecologically conscious Barcelona more and more visitors and residents alike are taking advantage of its very agreeable climate these machines provide a cheap, easy and above all eco-friendly way to get around. Visit our gallery now!

Renting cars in Barcelona
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