Friday, May 3, 2019

Discover Barcelona in November and December

Now, at the end of November we’re into the low tourist season here in Barcelona, although Barcelona effectively has a twelve-month tourist season with only highs and lows to denote the changing seasons. We’re still doing tours and clients re still saying the experience is excellent. More and more people are showing interest in driving electric cars and combining a sightseeing tour with the chance for a guided tour of the hills and high ground at the back of Barcelona City is an opportunity that many are taking advantage of.

On the days when we can’t visit the tower there are still fantastic views to be had. We normally stop at two look-outs with spectacular vistas over the City of Barcelona to the blue Mediterranean and horizon beyond. Driving our 100% electric cars, the Renault Twizy 80, through the nature and hills of Collserola is a unforgettable experience and a high-light of any visit to Barcelona.
So come on and indulge yourself in a new experience which adds to the many things to do in Barcelona and provides a sightseeing experience and photo opportunities like no other.

Discover Barcelona in November and December
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