Friday, May 3, 2019

Driving electric cars in Barcelona

Like most Mediterranean cities, driving cars in Barcelona has its challenges. Those who do drive cars in Barcelona are often considered brave, fool-hardy or sometimes even crazy. Having driven in other areas of Mediterranean region can safely say Barcelona aint that bad. The majority of the drivers of cars in Barcelona are quite civilized and even courteous, that is, if you know where you are and where you’re going. It seems that hesitation is the most heinous of crimes here and you will be severely “beeped” for even thinking about it. Yes, you may happily speed down the avenues, cross lanes at the most inappropriate moments, press on through a red light or jump seconds before your lights turn green, just as long as you don’t hesitate.

Often to find the best places to visit in Barcelona it’s better to leave the car in a car-park and set out on foot. Rather than drive a car into the city why not choose the regional train service, the metro, the tram network or one of the many busses.

So come to this fair city, and if you can’t choose a tour and you don’t like public transport, then by all means drive your car in Barcelona without undue worry. Just remember to arrive at the best places to visit in Barcelona about two days early, sufficient time to find a car-park. If you’re lucky.

Driving electric cars in Barcelona
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