Friday, May 3, 2019

Things to do in Barcelona close to Park Güell

When choosing to take some time out in Barcelona a visitor has a plethora of options when it comes to interests and activities. The list of things to do in Barcelona is truly immense and spans the interests of every generational and cultural requirement. Because the weather in Barcelona is considered mild Mediterranean, for a large percentage of the year both outside and inside activities are accessible to all.

Time out in Barcelona

Speaking as a Norther European I find that the weather in Barcelona means that any time of year you can enjoy the outdoor style of living, just sitting in the terrace of a bar or café watching the world go by and contemplating the many things to do in Barcelona is a great pleasure when you’re not freezing to the bone with white-caps in your beer like back home. Time out in Barcelona can really be enjoyed by all walks of life. For example, if you’re a die-hard football fan, FC Barcelona, need I say more, if you have a passion for history there’s over 55 museums to choose from, and for the art lover there’s a similar number of art galleries, plenty for the budding critic to seize upon. If you prefer beaches, with or without bars, you will find them from Barceloneta to Badalona and from Llobregat to Gava. If, for you, time out in Barcelona means nightclubs, cocktail bars, shows and dancing till dawn you’ll be hard pressed to experience all the available blue-chip venues in a week. There’s even the IceBar, where, in August, you can leave the high thirties of temperature behind and savour a quality vodka as it should be experienced, in glass made of ice, in a room at minus five degrees. And, if gastronomy is your thing, well! Your list of things to do in Barcelona must include at least one of the twenty-three Michelin starred restaurants available in the city, not to mention the countless other eateries where you may have to rely on more the good food and excellent selection of wines to make you see stars.

Things to do in Barcelona close to Park Güell
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