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Barcelona sightseeing tours in electric cars

The best Barcelona sightseeing tours in electric cars.

Tourisimo: Barcelona sightseeing city with electric car. Guided tour. This company can take you to all the hidden hilltop places.

Barcelona sightseeing by car is not always the easiest due to normal city traffic, navigation and parking, but luckily public transport in the city is cheap, reliable and will get you almost anywhere.

Barcelona city sights

With an incredible amount of architecture to appreciate and some great sightseeing, this city has to be included as a favourite destination in any self-respecting tour of Europe. Barcelona City sights are up there to rival the best cities on the continent, but Barcelona has much more.

Barcelona sightseeing tours in electric cars

Together with all the normal tourist tat and overpriced, main street eateries, there are little gems everywhere just a block or two off the beaten path. The areas of Born, Barri Gotic, Raval and Barceloneta hide a myriad of local treasures where you find authentic food and products not destined for the tourist market.

The main architectural attractions, and many of those the works of course, Sr Antoni Gaudi, are quite centrally placed.

Just a few blocks or “manzanas” through the area known as L’eixample, or “the expansion” you will come across Gaudi’s singular masterpiece, La Sagrada Família. Building on La Sagrada Famila was originally started in 1883 and it was consecrated as a basilica by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010.
Construction of La Sagrada Familia continues in the inimitable, modernist, art nouveau style of Gaudi to this day and is set to be complete by 2026, 100 years after Gaudí’s passing.

Sightseeing Barcelona

This beautiful city, the capital of Catalonia, is a Mediterranean and cosmopolitan city dating back to pre-Roman times.
It’s a sightseer’s dream with its medieval, gothic quarters and the most beautiful examples of 20th century Modernism and avant-garde architecture, art and culture.
The iconic works by the Catalan architects Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Doménech i Montaner are among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and when considering sightseeing Barcelona, they are well worth braving the queues to see.

Sightseeing Barcelona

Things to see in Barcelona

Simply, there are too many things to do in Barcelona to list them all here, a list of things to see and what to do in Barcelona would fill volumes.
Like most tourist cities, there are activities, experiences and tours of every kind imaginable to take advantage of, Barcelona bus tours, hop-on-hop-off tours, boat trips, walking tours, bike tours, tapas tours and some world class museums and galleries.
There are many private guided tours, either on foot, or for the more discerning visitor by coach, luxury mini-bus or limousine, as the budget allows.
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