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Are you a young person still looking for Things To Do in Barcelona? Interested in the Best Barcelona Sightseeing Tours? Now even if you’re just 18 years old you can enjoy an Exciting Tour Experience with Tourisimo Barcelona.

We have just re-negotiated our insurance regime so now if you are 18 or over You Can Drive. As long as you hold a full driver’s licence for a car, or motorbike of 125cc or over which is valid in Spain, you can drive one of our fleet of 100% Electric, Zero Emission, Two-seater micro-cars. Treat yourself and your friends to a Self-Drive, Sightseeing Tour of Barcelona. You can carry a passenger in the back and you your friends can leave the crowds, queues and chaos of the city centre behind. You’ll drive up to the Collserola Natural Park which borders Barcelona to the Northwest and stop at various Miradores, or scenic look-outs, for the Best Views and Photo Opportunities which the city has to offer.

Most car-hire companies enforce an age limit of 25 or over, some go as low as 21 but usually add a range of extra charges and caveats before they’ll let you loose with one of their cars. At Tourisimo we’re happy to have you drive one of ours, and as you’ll be following guide up the mountain you’ll never get lost or have any doubts about where to go.

The Renault Twizy 80 which we use is a fun little vehicle with approximately 80kms of autonomy and which car reach a speed of 80kph. You’ll be surprised how “nippy” the little cars can be even with two people aboard, when you hit the go pedal they really take off. And because they’re 100% electric there’s no engine or gear-box, and so no noise, you just hear a whine from the electric motors and you’re off. All the controls, indicators, lights etc are the same as a regular car so they’re very easy to get used to, and a lot of fun to drive.


The route of the tour takes you from our base in La Salud, Grácia, which is only 50 meters from the famous Park Güell, down through a one-way system which has no junctions or traffic-lights, before joining Avenida de Vallcarca for only 1.3kms of normal roads. Then you join La Arrabassada for the climb up the Collserola hills to the natural park. La Arrabasada is a famous, winding mountain road which in the past has featured motor-racing events and rises high above the city of Barcelona. The route takes you through the Collserola Natural Park and passed the landmark Basilica of Tibidabo which sits on the highest peak of La Sierra de Collserola, the Collerola Ridge. Then you pass the iconic La Torre de Collserola. If you’re lucky enough to have time available around midday on the weekends you can choose to do a Premium Tour which includes a visit the observation deck of the tower. A glass walled, external lift transports you to the viewing deck which is 560 metes a.s.l. and offers the very best views of Barcelona and it’s surroundings. Unfortunately, the tower is only open to the public between 13:00 and 14:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, but if you can make it it’s well worth the effort.

As the tour continues along the Collserola hills with the views of the city on the left-hand side only getting better you’ll pass thought the historic village of Vallvidrera with it’s road-side, modernist houses, before beginning the descent through the barrio of Sarriá. You’ll stop at yet another mirador to see Barcelona from a completely different angle, more photos and fantastic selfies later you can choose to return via the edge of the city, or back over the hills and through the park.

An Exciting Driving Experience, Great Country Roads, Incredible Views and Awesome Company. Spend a few hours with our guide in the freedom and cool air of the Collserola Natural Park, take the most memorable photos and selfies to die for.

Now even if you’re lucky enough to be only 18 you can join a Sightseeing Tour with Tourisimo Barcelona and live the Self-Drive, Sightseeing Tour Experience that a client christened “The Hollywood Hills Experience of Barcelona”. He wasn’t far wrong. It’s a Holiday Experience to remember. 
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